To go beyond is
making Superfood for "Super Pets"

Black Soldier Fly, the innovative and sustainable protein source for the petfood industry

GEPRO is your excellent partner for feed ingredients made from insects. With its innovation and sustainability, GEPRO delivers high quality Black Soldier Fly products for the pet food industry. Naturally, insects are part of the diet for many animals. We will help you to create your future of pet nutrition.

Superfood - unique benefits of insect protein in petfood

Black Soldier Fly (BSF) products are suitable to provide high quality protein for the petfood industry.
Innovative & sustainable!

NATURAL - Part of a natural diet for animals; no artificial anything, no antibiotics, no hormones

NUTRITOUS - Rich in amino acids, iron, calcium and lauric acid

FUNCTIONAL - Contains antimicrobial peptides and chitin (prebiotic)

HYPOALLERGENIC - Novel protein source

PALATABLE - Animals love the taste!


This highly digestible protein meal is rich in essential amino acids for a balanced pet nutrition. Inclusion rate between 6.5 - 13 % in petfood.


Healthy fat ingredient with high values of medium-chain fatty acids. Blend with other ingredients in your formulated petfood or use as a coating on your pet food for enhanced palatability.


These are whole, dried black soldier fly larvae that are full of good nutrients that may boost the immune system of dogs and cats. 

To go beyond is creating a sustainable future!

Environmental benefits of Black Soldier Fly products:

  • Less CO2 emissions

  • Saving water

  • No emitted methane

  • Saving arable land (soja)

  • Upcycling food waste

  • Half food waste by 2030

New Legal Regulation in EU

Feed Stocks Used


  • Vegetal substates
  • Former foodstuff: vegatal, dairy and eggs

Not allowed:

  • Former foodstuff: meat and fish
  • Catering waste and slaughterhouse products
  • Animal manure

Your strategic partner of sutainable feeds


Deliver the highest level to your customers.

Our industry-leading standards and proprietary technology produce insect ingredients that will always meet your expectations.


Get helpful advice from the world's top insect experts.

Our knowledge team will provide technical and marketing support to help you launch new products and achieve success.


Satisfy customers who want lasting feed solutions.

Our renewable insect ingredients have less impact on the environment than existing alternatives, helping to feed the world more responsibly.

Food for pets:

Natural food:

They descend from wolves, which get up to 10% of their diet from insects.

When they have access to the outdoors, they catch insects as prey and eat them.


  • Insects are excellent candidates for hypoallergenic feed formulations.
  • Allergies are commonly associated with animal and plant proteins used in petfood.
  • Fur and skin problems are one of the biggest concerns of cat and dog owners.


For over fifty years, GEPRO have been specialists and pioneers in developing, manufacturing and selling exceptionally high-quality proteins and fats for the animal food industry (petfood and aquafeed). We are ambitiously leading the way, developing and producing high-quality products.
We have always relied on industry-leading technology and production processes. Thanks to our decades-long procurement strategy, we can guarantee ourselves and our customers stable quantities in a consistently high quality of raw materials.

In a society with an increasing need for protein, our products are the cornerstone for dynamic growth. As a company, we are committed to this growth by continuing to develop and mature. This is reflected in the work we do each day, in the way we do business, and also in the products we create.

We believe our work supports life. This is because we acquire and use high-quality resources as essential ingredients for modern animal feed, which is indispensable for people, animals and nature to experience successful, dynamic growth.
In short: We go beyond.

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We see our work as supporting life, because we secure and use valuable resources as essential ingredients of modern animal nutrition, which are indispensable for the successful, lively growth of humans, animals and nature.